Property Taxes

With property taxes skyrocketing over most of Indiana, the General Assembly took the first step in passing meaningful property tax reform in 2008. We must continue to move away from this antiquated system of taxation, while giving local units of government the ability to provide necessary services. I will supported capping rates permanently that the people of Indiana approved in 2010 as part of our constitution!

Family Values

As a married father of four, I will continue to be a conservative voice for family values in Southern Indiana. A dedicated pro-life advocate endorsed by Indiana Right To Life, and supporter of traditional marriage, I am committed to preserving the Hoosier values that make our state great. In 2011 I co-authored HB-1210, one of the strongest pro-life pieces of legislation passed into law in the country. Strong families are the basic building block of a strong society. Government policy at any level should not weaken the family unit. If it does, it is bad policy.


For too long we have seen some of our schools continually under-perform. In 2011 we passed education reform legislation that focuses more dollars in the classroom, rewards our highly qualified teachers, and increases education options for all families. We need to continue to prepare our students for the careers of the 21st century and also increase the amount of technical vocational education we offer our students in our high school.


We must get tough on criminals and build a safe environment for current and future Hoosiers. From fighting drugs to protecting your identity, I believe that we must give our law enforcement officials the proper training that they need to keep our homes and families safe.

Economic Development

As a small business owner, I know that we can do better to support our local economic development. In 2011 I was the author of a new law that gives local units of government great tools to assist in economic development by enhancing property tax abatement methods and allowing rebating of local option income taxes as a jobs growth incentive. Unlike our neighboring states, the state of Indiana lowered it's corporate income taxes in 2011. This will continue to strenghten our state as an attractive place to locate new businesses and grow our existing ones. Building Interstate 69 is a critical key for our area and I will continue to support funding this project without any partisan political games. I support continuing the personal property tax elimination on the equipment investments at our (19) Certified Tech Parks, like Crane Westgate, around in Indiana. These are the areas that are going to bring the high paying jobs to our state that we need.

Immigration Reform

People in Indiana are sick and tired of politicians at the state and national level that do not address the problem of illegal aliens in our workforce. In 2011 we passed legislation in Indiana that I supported, that will require that businesses in Indiana to verify the immigration status of people before they hire them, and only hire people that are here legally. It also requires immigration status be check before giving someone taxpayer provided services to ensure we give government benefits only to people who are here legally. More needs to be done at tha national level, but at least we are taking positive steps in our state to deal with the problem.